Removing 1/4 window

This is easy peasy but a little fiddly at points.

Just to check we are talking about the same thing here the right section of this window is what I’m calling the 1/4 window.

Quarter window

The right section of this window is what I'm calling the 1/4 window

Step one – Finding the little metal clips

In the image below you can the the 1/4 window open, I cut the seal away because it was rotten anyway, in the circles you can see two metal clips holding the 1/4 window frame to body of the van.

Windows clips

Metal clips holding the 1/4 window frame to body of the van

Step two – Straightening the clips

All you have to do is straighten the two clips with a good sizes flat headed screw driver or if you like living on the edge and own a sword you could try using that. I however would recommend the screw driver. The window should just push out now.

Close up of clip

Close up of clip


POP…Just like that.

Window out... yay

Window out... yay


Step three - Separating the 1/4 window from the frame

The bottom hinge on the 1/4 window is what holds it to the frame.

The bottom hinge

The bottom hinge


With the window out peel the seal back to reveal a screw which is circled in the image below.

Un screw

Un screw the hidey screw


This screw will release the clip pictured below. I didn’t take a picture of the clip while it was in place. So here is one of it sitting on the ground.

Clip & Screw sitting on the ground

Clip & Screw


With the clip out the bottom of the window should look like a slightly cleaner version of this. This lug will just slip towards the back and the window and frame will separate. Told you it was easy.

Bottom view of the quarter window

Bottom view of the quarter window


The window and frame separated.

The window separated

The frame separated

The frame separated

As with everything I do if you see any errors or think anything should be added to this guide lemme know.

I made this. Me me me. Please don’t steal the content. If you want to link to it feel free but don’t steal because stealing is bad.

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