FAQ – The site

Why have some of the pictures come from other websites?

This site and the guides on it are 100% created by me. I own other domains where some of the content on this site used to live. If you don’t beleive me then though tittiy.


Only kidding. If your ultra keen get in touch and I’ll prove I’m not a bad content stealing man.


Why do you do this?

I’ve lost track of the number of times the internet has saved me time, money, grey hairs and stopped me crying like a little orphan girl who’s puppy has just died of (insert tragic disease / incident). The majority of sites that have saved me all of this heartache have been made by individuals like me.


So I supposed thats why I do it, kinda giving back.

Writing the guides also helps cement what I have done in my poor excuse for a brain.


Why are there adverts?

Pah, doncha hate em. Necessary evil for me. The site doesn’t cost a fortune to run but it does cost. I have limited the adverts and put them in places where they should bug you the least. It may help you to know that I don’t break even.



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