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Clearing the drain holes didn’t solve my problem. What next?

Do you have a sun roof?

I know the drain holes for that get clogged but I can’t really help you on that one though I’m afraid, I don’t have a sun roof. You could have a look at http://www.passatworld.com the forums.

Outer scrapers

I found a secondary leak in my car. The outer scraper (the black bit of rubber) on the drivers door was letting in about 80% of the water which ran down the window into the car.

The doors are designed so that if water gets past the scraper it runs out small drain holes and out the car.The way I found my scrapers weren’t keeping the water out was by taking off the the door card and then I could see the water running in.


The long shot

I had a window replaced and the fitter had left a cap open which allowed water to run down the window and right through the door. It might be worth taking off your door card to have a look if you have had any of your side windows moved or tinted.

[ Imagine video here ] – It’s going up once I find it :)

Can you help with any more drainage holes? Retailer will not help.

The short of it is once you have bought a car, especially a used one, the dealers just don’t care. If you complain to VW head office you might get something done about it, I had a separate issue with my car and the dealer (Arnold Clark) wasn’t interested.

Call or write to VWs UK office. I did and got my problem sorted. Real letters seem to work a lot better than emails, harder to ignore I’d imagine.

Help my car is possessed :S

OK, no one has really emailed me this. VW in their infinite wisdom decided to place the Comfort Control Modulefor your Passat in the very place water gathers when the drain holes get blocked. If your central locking, alarm or anythign else is playing up then have a look here http://www.headfuzz.co.uk/vw_ccm.

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