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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Many thanks for your ‘interior leaking’ guide…

    I just ran through it and cleared a pile of muck from my plugs. Am afraid I only noticed an issue when my display showed an Airbag Fault error, so first thing I did was check the rear passenger carpet for a wetness. It was soaked! All clear now though!!

    Just wondering if you thought that an Airbag Fault error may be caused by this?


    Many thanks :)


  2. Many thanks for that link :D

    Need to do the plugs again after all that recent rain, I fear it is still gummed up somewhat.

    Going to dry out the passenger airbag sensor and reattach – the only issue I have is with airbag fault light on the dash. Trying to sell my car and I have no money to get this issue fixed if its not a dodgy sensor :(

  3. Just a quicky,water on the rear floors of passats can be leaking door seals or water going down past the window glass and collecting in the door bottom if drain holes are blocked there too.
    Regards Eric

  4. Thank you so much! You are a genius!! And so kind.

    Just fixed the blocked drain on my VW PASSAT this morning. Didn’t know where to start on the investigation or cure until I read your guide. Had 2.5 cm or an inch in old money of water in my footwell. Someone told me it was the windscreen and that I should smash it and claim on the insurance for a new one. Thank goodness I read your helpful guide before the need to commit fraud!
    ( and to not solve the problem in the bargain)

    Your text and photos are superb. Better than Haynes. You should do your own version.

    Thank you again for your help.

    Kind regards


  5. Great article , had similar problem on my sons VW Lupo , causing wet floor.
    Didnt get any electrical problems , but wet floor was really smelly and annoying!I was looking at your article because my alarm spent all day yesterday going off for now apparent reason and NOT switching off – even when i disconnected the battery – Infuriating!! All my floor pans are dry , but i think it MAY have been caused because the Satnav was plugged into the cigarette lighter , thus drawing charge and causing the voltage drop to trigger a response. Left it unplugged all day today and all seems ok….i hope!

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